Design Services

  • Service Streams
  • Design Services
  • Manufacturing Services
  • Aviation Services
  • Consulting Services

Design Consulting

  • Design Outsourcing Program Management
  • Competitive Product Bench-marking
  • Systems Engineering & Macro Level Design Specification and Analysis
  • Feasibility & Trade-off Studies
  • Spec-to-Build Management: Equipment & Component Level Re-engineering
  • Design Program Acceleration through Resourcing and Teaming Partnerships in Place ( Accord,BAeHAL, National Aerospace Laboratories; Philonet Germany,Stirling Dynamics-UK)
  • Test Systems Development

Design Support

  • Specification Coding: FCS/FWS
  • Aerodynamics: CFD–meshing (structured & unstructured) and Analysis at Aircraft & Systems Level. Icing considerations
  • Electrical Load Analysis
  • Flight Test Analysis & Flight Acceptance Test Reports
  • Optimization of Systems Installation & Risk Analysis
  • Structure & Cabin Design
  • Stress Analysis
  • Modeling & Engineering Change Request Management
  • Producibility Studies

Document Engineering

  • Focused on aerospace documentation: design, production and operations
  • Authoring of Maintenance & Overhaul procedures & Illustrations by Aerospace Design Engineers
  • Publishing and Managing Manuals to IETM level 4 & 5 and S1000D
  • Development of Document Engineering tools

Mechanical & Aerodynamics

  • Engineering Change Management(ECM,ECR,ECN)
  • CFD Analysis for full aircraft & Systems
  • Systems Integration & Risk Analysis using IRIS software
  • Digital mock-up of aircraft systems using IRIS software
  • Modeling and Stress Analysis
  • Loads Analysis

Systems Engineering

  • Specification coding for FCS & FWS
  • Electrical Load analysis
  • Flight Test Analysis
  • Simulation and Validation of Autopilot, Flight Physics
  • Marking,tagging,CNC cut file creation for cable harnesses
  • Verification and Validation of top level and system level
  • requirement documents
  • Aircraft performance
  • Cost and weight estimation

Systems Engineering


Aerospace Document Engineering

Improving Product Integrity through Sound Documentation

  • Creation of Overhaul and other Manuals for Aircraft from scratch
  • Technical Authoring and creation of manuals to S1000D standard
  • Development of tools for Document Engineering
  • Development of Tool for MSG-3 processes for developing aircraft maintenance schedules and tasks
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