Aviation Services

  • Service Streams
  • Design Services
  • Manufacturing Services
  • Aviation Services
  • Consulting Services

Aviation Consulting

  • Flight safety studies & aircraft flight data monitoring
  • Aircraft acquisition & acceptance(new or used)
  • Registration, De-registration and Certification assistance
  • FAA/ EASA certified modification design & STC implementation
  • Aircraft survey & transactions
  • Weight Engineering

Specialty Product Support

  • SafTGlo - Photo Luminescent Emergency Escape Path Marking System of STG Aerospace. It saves cost of acquisition, cost of maintenance and enhances safety
  • Innovative aircraft interior products: IFE with wireless streaming; internet in the sky; Solar Panels, Cockpit Doors
  • RFID applications for operational efficiency & traceability.

Aviation Sourcing

  • Sourcing & supply of aeronautical Raw Materials, Parts, Systems, Aircrafts
  • A subsidiary in UK to support global logistics
  • Complete documentation & traceability
  • A network of select suppliers, partners and membership of parts databases

Aircraft Flight Data Monitoring

Specialty Products

Specialty Products



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