• Niche services...
    for aviation and aerospace

  • High-end and systems level aerospace design services

  • 400+ ship sets per annum of actuator gears for European Aircraft Programme

  • Support and Services that make aviation safer, smarter, cost effective

  • Making Sense of Aviation and Aerospace

News & Events
  • webinar - trends in Aircraft Cabin Lighting & Signages with STG Aerospace 20 May 2020:1430-1510 Read More


What We Do


  • Design & Engineering Services Support during High Level Design Phase.
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Manufacturing SERVICES

  • Contract Manufacturing through a Virtual Manufacturing Organization Model.
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  • Aviation Product Support for Products that enhance safety and reduce cost.
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  • High end Design Consulting & Management for Aeronautical Products.
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Who We Are

We are a perfect mix of energetic, young & smart engineers AND seasoned aerospace professionals with decades of aerospace experience in large aerospace organizations in areas of Design, Manufacturing, Production Engineering, Quality and Product Support. A clear focus in aerospace, flexibility to offer niche services and agility with which, we are able to reorient to the needs of the clients quickly, has helped Genser garner global aerospace leaders as its Customers.

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